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Growth of The Pool Guyz

When I walked outside this morning to breathe in some good ole salty Virginia Beach humidity and shake off the comforts of modern day air conditioning I was pleasantly surprised to find what felt like a cool mountain fall  morning. So without wasting too much time and with a bit of excitement I quickly dug out a pair of jeans for the first time since May. Added a long sleeve T Shirt and started my day. As the day progressed I felt it was a good time to reflect on this past pool season which had its ups and downs with not only the heat but also the rain, the struggles and the accomplishments.

Scheduling and installing two to three pools per week for months at a time certainly has its challenges to say the least. For me this year has been extremely challenging due to events not only out of my control but also for decisions that Ive had to make that no business leader ever wants to make. Personnel and policy changes are always tough to deal with and toss in a few issues and problems that can make a well seasoned company such as ours re think our game plan after all these years is definitely challenging to say the least.

After 9 wonderful years and hundreds of successful installs operating out of our Viking Drive location we made a move to a larger and more organized private location a mile away to 2640 Quality Court in Virginia Beach. This was particularly difficult due to moving in the peak of our season in April and May. As normal the Guyz carried the load and didn’t miss a step or complain while having to be movers and staying on schedule building beautiful pools. It’s now September and although we still haven’t fully settled into our new headquarters I know it was the right decision.  We now have ample space for all of the construction equipment that is required to build not only a hundred pools per year but also stock and display dozens of beautiful pool shells. We can also now stock a ton more quality Jandy pool parts for our warranty and service division and keep all of that much more organized and available for our service technicians which allows for faster repair times.

As the Company continues to grow in new locations and markets, I feel blessed and honored to be a part of the Latham family and offer the finest fiberglass products available. This is my second full year now on the Latham Dealer Advisory Board. Working hand in hand with the very best dealers in the country has been a terrific experience. As we all have faced the same challenges of a struggling economy it is at the board meetings where I find the motivation to always want to come home and challenge the team to work harder and do even more. Each time I return they are eager and ready for the challenge.

As the climax of another season is upon us I am very grateful for our entire staff, there families and our partners for a very successful pool season. I am also thankful for our customers who made the decision to allow our company to help them make there backyard goals and dreams come true. With any construction project and as every company knows being involved with so many different customers,  subcontractors and products brings enormous challenges. Our goal is, has always been and always will be to satisfy the client while being solid professionals and doing everything possible to complete the project on time, on budget and with 100% customer satisfaction. Obviously that is extremely difficult to do and can’t always happen. For those who feel we haven’t delivered just that I not only apologize but promise to do everything within reason to make it a reality.

Next season will be here before we know it. We will be ready for it and more prepared than ever to face the opportunity and challenges it will bring. In my opinion, The Pool Guyz has its best team ever assembled. We will be working hard all offseason training and structuring our company for another great season.

One piece fiberglass pools are growing faster than any other type of in ground pool. With the speed of the install process, the extremely low maintenance and the awsome longevity of the product as well as its unlimited design capabilities and incredible beauty it will only continue to outgrow everything else.


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