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January in Jersey

Looking out the window of the Tropicana this morning the sky is bright and blue and the roads are clear and black. The big named storm of the year stayed home or offshore and decided not to ruin the Pool and Spa Show in Atlantic City New Jersey like everyone worried it would.
As I head out today to meet new friends and partners I am thankful for the opportunity to be here and that the storm fizzled out. As we pray for our neighbors up in New England and my family in Connecticut I also think about my neighbors and friends down in Tampa and how lucky they are to live in such a beautiful environment without snow.

Thanks to my teammates back home and the work they are doing out in the cold this week. I am sure John and family will be very thankful and happy as well once the install is completed. Thanks Danny and team for powering through the cold and accomplishing yet another mission.

We just returned a couple of weeks ago from the islands. We are very fortunate to have incredible partners such as Latham to share our vacation with in places like Grand Cayman. I hope everyone that attended the conference and shared time with me at my table on Monday enjoyed and learned something about not only Fiberglass Pools, but also what a great company in Latham that we work with. Thanks Mark and team for an amazing week of fun, sun and networking. I look forward to the trip in Puerto Rico next year and hope that it’s as successful as Grand Cayman was.

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