February in Virginia Beach!! No swimming today.

February in Virginia Beach!! No swimming today.


Thank goodness for the Jandy automation package that’s installed on this Viking pool. It comes complete with Freeze Protection built it. That’s right anytime the outdoor temperature approaches freezing the equipment pad automatically cuts on and operates the pool and spa so the lines or equipment do not freeze and break. It doesn’t matter if the pump was scheduled to turn on or the owner forgot to turn it on knowing it would get below freezing or if they were out of town and couldn’t turn it on. It did it all by itself.

Pool equipment is very expensive and should be protected. If your pool is not winterized or does not have this freeze protection equipment installed then make sure the pump stays running during freezing temperatures. During extreme cold temperatures you will even want to make sure the speeds on the pump if available are turned up to the highest setting as even running water will freeze at lower speeds. You can also cover your equipment with a fire proof heat rated blanket which will provide an insulation barrier over any exposed plumbing until the temps rise back closer to 32.

Stay warm and think spring. It will be 90 degrees and humid before we know it. Great deals are to be had on new in stock pools right now before the new shipments arrive. Call today before they’re gone and get on the build schedule that’s filling up fast, so you can take the plunge when the weather allows.

Until then I need to go turn up the speed on my pump before the Siberian Cold hits.

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