Why Buy a Fiberglass Pool?

Important Factors You Need to Know

Here are some important factors to consider when purchasing a fiberglass pool:

  • Price & Savings – the installation cost is similar to that of vinyl liner pools but ultimately offers savings on chemicals and energy for the life of your pool. Due to the non-porous finish of our pools, fewer chemicals are needed because algae is less prone to attach to smoother surfaces. Additionally, less cleaning will have to be performed using automatic pool cleaners saving electricity. When automatic pool cleaners are used, the time it takes to clean the pool will be reduced saving additional energy.
  • Speed of Construction – Freaky fast installation! Fiberglass swimming pools are one-piece shells that can be “dropped in” to your yard in a very short period of time – just 3 to 5 days in most cases.
  • Quality of Construction – Doesn’t ever require replacement (liners need replacing) or re-plastering (concrete). Viking’s 10-stage manufacturing process ensures that your pool is built to the highest industry standards.
  • Limitless Designs – No company offers more shapes, sizes and options in fiberglass pools . . . as well as more than a dozen choices of elegant colors . . . and numerous customization options including fountains, spillways, benches, tanning ledges, and more!
  • hassleHassle Free – Because Fiberglass pools are non-porous, algae is less prone to attach so you won’t be constantly brushing and cleaning the sides or adding chemicals!
  • Overall Appearance – won’t fade, chip or crack.
  • Lifetime Transferrable Warranty – when you sell your home, you can transfer the warranty to the new owners!

Eco-Friendly — Our Pools Are Built Using Tomorrow’s Technology

This means that you have the most innovative in ground fiberglass swimming pool on the market that is built to last a lifetime. As fiberglass pools do not rely on steel panels or steel mesh/rebar for structure, they do not have the potential to leech chemicals and rust back into the groundwater as a more conventional constructed pool would.

Fiberglass pools in general act as a natural insulator. Your filter and heater will potentially run dramatically less than equipment on vinyl/gunite pools. Depending on the climate and size of the pool, a homeowner can save up to $225.00 per month on their pool maintenance with our pools versus other types of pools (vinyl/gunite). With more and more people concerned about our environment, our Eco-Friendly pools are already the pool of tomorrow. Not only do our pools use less chemicals and energy, our pools never need to be re-plastered, nor do they have a liner to replace – thus resulting in less waste in our landfills.

Seats & Lounge Areas


Our seats and lounge areas are specifically designed to give you plenty of room in your pool to relax and enjoy time with your guests.

Convenience Ledge


All of our deeper pools have a built-in convenience ledge to step up on for easy access around the perimeter of the pool.

Textured Steps & Seats


All of our pools and spas come standard with textured steps, seats, and floor bottoms for non-slip entry and exit of the pool.


The combining of premium raw materials and our unique four stage manufacturing process creates a Viking pool of unequaled look and performance.

Closed-beam construction strengthens the coping around the pool, allowing for easier lifting of the pool and greater structural integrity.