Maintenance of a fiberglass pool like the ones The Pool Guyz sell and install tends to be very simple.

First, maintaining water balance (ph, salt and chlorine generation) would have to be the #1 most important thing.    Bad chemistry is the quickest way to damage pumps, filters and heaters, and voids most of the manufacturers warranties.  It can also make the water unsafe to swim in and unpleasant to look at.

Outside of water chemistry,  you always need to keep any pool free of debris.   Nobody wants to see tree branches, leaves or other things in the bottom of their pool.   This is a great reason to purchase an automatic cleaner like the ones we try to sell with every pool we install.   It makes life a lot easier than having to fish for leaves in the bottom of the pool with a net.

Last,  proper care in the off-season is important.  We recommend PROPER winterization on every pool, even here in Virginia Beach, because your pool equipment is far too valuable to risk the damage that could be caused by freezing.  As part of the maintenance, It may cost a little bit extra to have the pool closed up, winterized and treated properly, but it will save you money on your power bills for the winter and could save you THOUSANDS in equipment damage if something happened to freeze up.  Remember,  many people try to undercut prices, but make sure the pool is taken care of PROPERLY.   All services can be done by our Service Department.  Just give them a call at 757-463-0600